Info - IDEA 2023


You can enter IDEA by going to the enter now page. You’ll be asked to create an account if you don’t have one. Otherwise, you can log in with the same details you used last year. You can enter as many categories as you like by completing the entry form. Remember to select the box for Emerging Designer and/or Sustainability if you’d also like your project to be considered for these special separate awards.

Before submitting your entry, read the terms and conditions carefully. To find out more about the awards categories, visit the categories page.

Make note of the entry deadlines. These are listed on the pricing and timeline page.

You are able to make small changes to your entry after you’ve completed it and paid. Drop us a line if you want to discuss this with us.

Please check that your images correspond with the requirements outlined in the entry form and don’t forget to include the name and contact details of your photographer.

For more information on entering IDEA and step-by-step instructions, download our IDEA 2023 Fact sheet.

To help you fill out your entry, we’ve put together a PDF form that you can print and compile manually. You can then use this form as a guide when you submit your entry online here.

To download the form, click the category you wish to enter:

What if I still have more questions?

Drop us a line at