Stokehouse Restaurant | | IDEA 2022

Stokehouse Restaurant



Delivering an unabashedly sumptious river dining experience, Stokehouse Restaurant succeeds in articulating a vision for something uniquely Brisbane. With light and air pervading the space, the new design has reinterpreted the existing architecture making the inside/outside experience a seamless one. Passive ventilation and fully openable spaces allow for a sense of sequence and narrative. This creates a number of distinct experiences so that customers can journey throughout the space with clear direction and ease. What is remarkable about the restaurant is the spectacular sculptural spline wall that holds the bar and travels through the centre of the space. It is a grand gesture that adds movement but does not overpower. A distinct point of interest, it also succeeds in adding warmth to the space.

“This restaurant integrates the river theme in a very smart and elegant way making for a richly inspired dining experience.” – Alexander Lotersztian, IDEA 2012 jury member

Stokehouse Restaurant, Arkhefield

Design Practice: Arkhefield