Miele | IDEA 2022
Overall Winner

Miele is the world leader in premium domestic appliances. Renowned for their futuristic clean-lined style and technological innovation, today these appliances are represented by the impeccable fleet design of Miele’s Generation 6000 range.

Miele appliances immediately elevate the status of a project, distinguishing it as head and shoulders above the rest. But communicating quality by associating your brand with the Miele brand and maximising buyer appeal is only part of the story.

Since the company was founded in 1899, Miele has remained true to its ‘Immer Besser’ brand promise. This means that we will do all that we can to be ‘Forever better’.

Represented in almost 100 countries around the world, the company is in the fourth generation of family ownership.

Miele’s professional Australian Specialist Project Team can take care of all the challenging details often associated with appliance design and delivery and ensure that it all happens on time and on budget.