2018 Judges

Christopher Boots

Director, Christopher Boots

Christopher Boots is a Melbourne-based industrial designer, driven by a love of nature and light, with a commitment to excellence. He graduated from industrial design at the National School of Design (Prahran, 2005) and has a background in product design engineering, establishing his own architectural lighting design practice in April 2011. His work explores the architecture and geometry of organic shapes, and is often inspired by forms that are forged by the pre-existing natural elements. He is a dedicated craftsman, who seeks to elevate and transform his materials in ways that highlight their natural beauty, which relates directly to the artisanal artistry, craftsmanship and life of objects.


David Flack

Founding director, Flack Studio

Flack Studio is a Melbourne-based interior architecture studio, established in 2014. David’s personality influences his style, and his clients welcome his approachability and ever-curious nature. David’s youth and tendency to embrace whimsy and freshness in everyday life brings a contemporary balance to his aesthetic, which is informed by a respect for architecture and design of bygone eras, his regular travel adventures, and appreciation of discovering unusual and beautiful things. Flack Studio works across local and international projects from residential to commercial.

Hamish Guthrie

Director, Hecker Guthrie

Hamish Guthrie is a founding director of Hecker Guthrie and his calm demeanor lends itself to a considered approach to design, which has resulted in a strong portfolio of much publicised and award-winning projects in the hospitality, retail and residential sectors. Hamish gained a Bachelor of Arts, Interior Design (Hons) at RMIT and is a highly regarded commentator in the design field. He builds trust with his clients and is a natural collaborator, promoting an aesthetic kinship with the artisans that bring a creative energy to many of Hecker Guthrie’s projects. He has a strong interest in art, food and wine, but travel uncovers his main sources of inspiration.


Iain Halliday

Director, BKH

Over the last 30 years, Iain Halliday has worked across architecture, furniture design and interior design with one of the most important portfolios in the Australian industry. Sought for his precision planning and eye for decoration and drama in equal measure, his work includes commercial, hospitality and residential, where his rich interiors continue to describe a unique character. While studying at Sydney College of the Arts and UTS, Halliday worked with George Freedman and Neville Marsh, considered the best in interior design then, their legacy continues. On graduation, Halliday joined forces with Neil Burley and David Katon and BKH was born in 1987.


Jan O’Connor

Managing partner, environa studio

Jan O’Connor is an architect best known for her work in sustainable architecture and design. With partner Tone Wheeler, environa studio has been actively engaged with environmental solutions since 1986. environa has built a strong reputation with numerous awards and accolades for sustainable design, winning the Milo Dunphy Award in 2014. The studio has a portfolio spanning urban design, civic and commercial projects, as well as public and private housing. Jan also has extensive experience in retail design, including co-founding the iconic retail tea brand T2.

Christie Petsinis

Director, Folk Architects

Folk Architects is an award winning Melbourne-based architecture studio established by Christie Petsinis and Tim Wilson in 2011. Its oeuvre is diverse in scale and complexity – delivering high quality commercial, civic, cultural and residential works. Christie’s focus is research, innovation, user-centred design, and ongoing engagement with education and the profession. She has initiated and produced internationally recognised projects that explore art, architecture, culture, social issues and sustainability. Through her local and international experience Christie has honed her approach to design that is compassionate, technically engaging and empathetic to contemporary issues.


Kirsten Stanisich

Director, SJB Interiors

Kirsten Stanisich studied architecture at the University of Melbourne and joined SJB Architects in 1995. Realising her affinity lay with interior design, she was instrumental in establishing SJB Interiors in Sydney. Appointed a director in 2005, Kirsten works across a broad range of sectors, including hospitality, retail and residential, and is interested in the detail of interiors, designing spaces that respond to both context and contemporary thinking. Kirsten has achieved many awards, is an industry speaker and a past president of the NSW Design Institute of Australia.