The Living Room Theatre, I Love Todd Sampson | | IDEA 2020

The Living Room Theatre, I Love Todd Sampson


The Living Room Theatre’s production, I Love Todd Sampson, pioneered the integration of architecture, installation art, lighting design, music, film and performance in Australia. The multidisciplinary theatre work unfolded over 5,000 square metres of Pier 2/3 Walsh Bay, as the audience followed the protagonist through the space. Nine teams of architects designed and built installations – responding to an outline narrative and key words/emotional states. Set designs draw the audience through the space deeper into a constructed reality.

Architect teams: Mac-Interactive Architects, Collins Karlsson Wagner, Carte Blanche, Flatpac, Sam Crawford Architects, Genevieve Lilley Architects, WLTS, Michaela Gleave, Carter Williamson Architects and Archrival