M House | | IDEA 2020

M House

Facet Studio

Exhibiting a precise attention to detail, this family home in northern Japan is a fine study in outstanding craftsmanship. Taking its form from a child’s basic drawing of a house, the roof is accentuated with the repetition of timber rafters throughout its entire 21m east-to-west length. This uninterrupted rhythm creates the focal design motif, which although minimalist, is highly decorative when viewed within the context of the interior. The magnificent roof has no supporting columns and so living spaces are unobstructed, lending the home a clean, minimal aesthetic. Very much of its location, this home is elegant and unpretentious design at its best.

“Facet Studio’s clarity of idea and implementation are credit to their commitment to design excellence.” – Scott Walker, IDEA 2012 jury member

M House, Facet Studio

Design Practice: Facet Studio