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Flat Pack Bed

Spore Furniture + Product Design


It was the rational considerations of function and innovation that swayed the judges in this category, something that Spore Furniture’s Flat Pack Bed has in spades. Efficiency of delivery and ease of assembly were the key design drivers, but from these utilitarian objectives, Spore has wrought an exquisite structure, all the more beautiful for its rationality. It’s fit-for-purpose, but highly finessed, and ultimately the jury nominated the Flat Pack Bed for this award because its happy marriage of form and function brings something genuinely new to the design of what is an immensely time-worn typology.

“The Flat Pack Bed has this innovative structural system – it uses plywood in a really ingenious way, making the most of its supple material characteristics to create a rigid frame.” – 2011 juror, Toby Horrocks

Flat Pack Bed, Spore Furniture + Product Design

Design Practice: Spore Furniture + Product Design