Sugarmill Hotel | | IDEA 2022

Sugarmill Hotel

David Hicks


The Sugarmill Hotel conceives a new type of venue for Sydney, eschewing minimalism for pattern and colour, excitement and frivolity. The ground floor bar, ‘The Sugarmill’, is quirky and relaxed, taking the flavour of Melbourne and adding a touch of downtown New York. One floor up is the energetic, asian-infused ‘Kit’. This Shanghai-tastic space is inspired by such diverse influences as 80s discotheques, Chinese hawkers’ markets, Dolce & Gabbana and Yves Saint Laurent’s famous Opium advertisments. ‘Kaboodle’, on the second floor, is an orgy of 1960s modernism combined with hints of Morocco and the Middle East of the same era.

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Design Practice: David Hicks