Schiavello is a multidisciplinary company dedicated to developing intelligent, inspiring, ecological and resilient solutions for the office, the home and public spaces. Schiavello’s concepts and products are developed in Australia by applying a design process that brings together the company’s core design principles and engineering with the creativity of local and international designers.

What makes a workplace effective? Is it the physical space, the design, the culture, the people?

At Schiavello, we believe the answer to this question depends on a holistic understanding of the organisation – its culture, people and vision. Schiavello houses a team of specialists in research, product design, engineering, workplace psychology and environmental sustainability, who work to better understand how the physical workplace can support an organisation’s unique needs, and become a strategic tool that enhances effectiveness at the individual, team and organisational level.

Founded in 1966, Schiavello started out in Melbourne specialising in office partitioning and fitout and has evolved to become a multidisciplinary business across Australia. With an expanding international presence across Asia and UAE, Schiavello has worked with leading brands across a wide range of industries across the globe. With over 70,000 square metres of ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited manufacturing facilities in Melbourne and over 1200 employees, Schiavello’s control of the end to end processes helps us ensure the integrity of the product every time and allows us to support the Australian manufacturing industry.

Internationally renowned for the design and manufacture of furniture, from highly intelligent workstations and task seating, to statement pieces and storage, the company is also one of Australia’s most respected interior construction specialists. As a property developer, Schiavello has held a strong passion for creating world-class property and contributing to the future of Australia’s great cities.