Cafe Culture + Insitu

Cafe Culture + Insitu brings together a range of high profile local and international design brands, offering a comprehensive selection of authentic, contemporary furniture, lighting and custom design pieces. Established 17 years ago, Cafe Culture + Insitu continues to provide architects and designers with quality products and service.

Cafe Culture + Insitu prides itself on having an outward view while maintaining a strong, localised focus, fusing popular European, British and American brands with talented, authentic Australian designers and brands. The company’s in-depth involvement in the finishing and delivery of all products and projects is supported by strong relationships with its brand partnerships and close one-on-one relationships with its manufacturers and craftspeople.

Cafe Culture + Insitu is a preferred supplier to the Maybell Group, a certified Supply Nation Registered Indigenous Business and a supporter of Waste Aid. Waste Aid creates long-term sustainable solutions to address inadequate waste management in disadvantaged communities and in so doing reduce the adverse environmental health impacts.