Gala Event 2020 | IDEA 2020

Gala Event 2020

Update: 24/11/2020:

The winners of IDEA 2020 will be announced at a Gala party to be held in Melbourne on 19 February 2021.

Now in its 18th year, IDEA is a forum for celebrating incredible local design and the practitioners who push the envelope with every project. But it’s also a chance for the industry to gather as one to cheer on its peers and unwind.

With everything that has happened in the past months, a little celebration such as ours mightn’t seem like much, but we think the industry deserves something to look forward to, especially here in Victoria.

It’s for this reason that we have decided to host the upcoming IDEA Gala in Melbourne. This city – our home city – has been the hardest hit by the pandemic, but it has put its best foot forward and is now in a position where large scale outdoor events are a future possibility.

Tickets will be offered first and foremost to those who entered IDEA 2020. This is our way of saying thank you to everyone who supported our awards program in what has been a difficult year. After that, we’ll be opening the event up to the architecture and design industry.

It’s still early days, so we don’t know how many people will be able to attend or what the IDEA Gala will look like, but we do know it won’t stray from tradition – expect a rollicking good night with plenty of good food, wine, company and the year’s best architecture and interior design.

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These last few months have been tough.

We feel for Australia’s creative and design community that is experiencing unprecedented challenges in unprecedented circumstances.

We thank the health and essential workers, both locally and globally, who have dedicated their days, nights and sometimes their lives to do their bit on the frontline.

As editors and publishers of insideAR and Australian Design Review, we were overwhelmed by the industry’s response to this year’s Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA).

For 18 years, IDEA has recognised excellence in Australian architecture and interior design.

As one of the country’s oldest award programs, we see ourselves as more than just an outlet for the year’s best architecture and interior design. We also play a role in connecting the community and act as a platform for promoting studios and practices both big and small, in our capital cities and rural and regional areas.

A huge part of this is our annual gala. Affectionately known within the industry as “the party of the year”, our gala is an opportunity for architects and designers to come together to celebrate their peers, to network, catch up, connect, collaborate and just unwind.

It’s also a really important way for us, as editors and publishers, and for our sponsors, to give back to the industry, say thank you and celebrate all the shortlisted, highly commended and winning projects.

Recently, we discussed having a digital awards ceremony to announce this year’s winners, but we decided it just wouldn’t be right for us.

We believe this wouldn’t do our shortlisted projects, or the designers and architects who worked so hard on them, justice.

It wouldn’t recognise the incredible work of our judges Hana HakimSimone HaagAnna SpiroJeremy BullBrendan WongRachel Luchetti and Andrew Parr. And it would go against the spirit of IDEA as a connecting force within the industry.

We incredibly fortunate to have the full support of our amazing sponsors in this decision. We are proud to be associated with the very best retailers, manufacturers and associated industries, whose support encourages the Australian design professional and applauds its triumphs.

In such a tumultuous time, we feel like forums for community are all the more important. We want to be able to bring the industry together safely and securely to recognise its peers and to celebrate as one. In the grand scheme of things, a little party isn’t much, but it’s something to look forward to.

It’s for this reason that we’ve decided not to resort to a virtual event, but to put a hold on our IDEA Gala until the time when we can do what we have been doing for 18 years: bringing the A&D community together, in person.

That may be possible late 2020 or early 2021, though at this stage nobody can say. We will be monitoring the situation closely to ensure that when we are able to celebrate together, we can do so safely and securely in the name of amazing Australian design.

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