The Upper, Tokyo, Japan | | IDEA 2022

The Upper, Tokyo, Japan

Shortlist – 2021

Luchetti Krelle


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Two distinguishable drinking and dining levels within the Marunouchi Terrace Tower channel mid-century Italian modernism’s mingling of saturated colours with precious metals and materials, Art Deco decadence and a breezy Brazilian modernism. Luchetti Krelle was tasked with creating a ‘metropolitan lodge’, servicing young urban professionals within Tokyo’s most prestigious business district, while simultaneously attracting their older peers. Gilded elevator doors part to reveal emerald walls and the venue’s grand bar’s pale jade swirls recall the decadence of 1920s Shanghai on one level, while elsewhere in the project, a tropical sentiment is at play, with Japanese plum-toned dining chairs plus cherry blossom pink and matcha green leather banquettes mingling with rattan armchairs.

Photo Credits: Matsuo-San