Amber Road | | IDEA 2022

Amber Road


Contributing significantly to the design language of Australia, the work of Amber Road over the last year has been exceptional. Sisters Katy Svalbe and Yasmine Ghoniem bring landscaping and interior design together as a unifying force within their projects and it is this reconciled collaboration that defines their unique style. Spanning residential, commercial and hospitality, the projects shortlisted for IDEA 2017 included the remarkable Inside Out house, Trackmaster, Tamate Bako | Edition Roasters and The Finery. Each of these projects is exceptional; however, it is the overall aesthetic and attention to detail that has most impressed us. A lot is said about forecasting and fashion in our industry with the forerunners most noted for keeping their heads above the milieu, and it is here that we see this fine young practice taking shape and defining a style of its own. Indeed, while touchstones of colour and line are evident throughout the sisters’ oeuvre, each project is expressed through a distinctive aesthetic particular to the task at hand. Moreover, each project is imbued with a rare combination of both clarity and depth that arguably stems from their complementary talents.


Featured here:  Tamate Bako | Edition Roasters in Hospitality.

Photographer: Christopher Morris