Editors' Medal | | IDEA 2020

Editors’ Medal


This year the Editors’ Medal is awarded to a practice that has contributed a remarkable body of work to the Australian design landscape over the past year. Bates Smart is a practice with offices in Melbourne and Sydney, and resources of some 200 staff, and this year the practice completed a range of projects throughout Australia that showcased cutting edge design and creative innovation at its best. Although there were many designers who have completed fine work throughout the past year, each of the projects that were submitted to the awards from Bates Smart excelled. With exceptional style and creativity, the totality of the company’s output provides a unique breadth of design expertise worthy of the accolade of Editors’ Medal. Bates Smart’s singular approach to its work presents a maturity and professionalism coupled with a sophisticated style that stands alone. This year’s Editors’ Medal recipient is a worthy winner and we compliment Bates Smart and the individuals within the practice who have contributed to the outstanding portfolio of projects this year.