Bates Smart | | IDEA 2022

Bates Smart

Bates Smart is a multidisciplinary design firm delivering architecture, interior design, urban design and strategic services across Australia, with a staff of over 200 in studios in Melbourne and Sydney. Their projects not only transform the city fabric and the way people use and inhabit urban spaces and built environments but also understand the social and economic forces currently shaping communities and their impact on built environments of the future.

Shortlisted projects:
Canberra Airport Hotel, Category: Hospitality
Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, Category: Hospitality
Concavo, Category: Residential Multi
Cushman + Wakefield Sydney, Category: Workplace Over 1000sqm
Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Category: Workplace Over 1000sqm
Sparke Helmore, Category: Workplace Over 1000sqm
106 Flinders Street, Category: Workplace Under 1000sqm

Pictured here: Cushman + Wakefield Sydney in Workplace Over 1000sqm. Image by Christopher Frederick Jones.