Figureground Architecture – Industry Beans Café and Roastery - IDEA 2020

Figureground Architecture – Industry Beans Café and Roastery

The project achieves a sustainable outcome in five ways.

1. Minimal intervention to existing building: The design responded efficiently to the constraints of the existing structure avoiding wasting unnecessary time, money and energy on rebuilding existing elements. For example the project was engineered so as not to provide any new structural footings. The exposed industrial ceiling was left unlined, concrete walls where left largely untouched and the industrial roller door remained ‘as found’ with graffiti left intact.

2. Layout of spaces to achieve maximum natural lighting: The layout of the main seating area adjacent to the existing roller door ensured that the primary public space would benefit most from access to natural light. This was developed further by the installation of a 4.5 metre polycarbonate façade behind the roller door, which prevents the entry of cold air and allows natural daylight to fill the dining hall. This effect is further enhanced by the installation of skylights into the ceiling thereby enabling light to filter through the ‘hit and miss’ pallets.

3. Reliance on manual climate control: The main warehouse space is not air-conditioned. Internal climate is moderated both raising and lowering the roller door to block heat and also by the use of operable windows and pivoting panels. Wall fans are used to assist with the natural ventilation.

4. Use of renewable materials: The project uses simple, economic materials that come from renewable sources. These materials are largely the ready-made timber pallets and plywood lining panels – both sourced from sustainable timber plantations.

5. Use of local tradespeople. Transport costs have been minimised and local small business is sustained by using contractors that are located near the project. The builder, the joiner, the furniture maker (and the architect) are all situated within three kilometres of the site.