Spence & Lyda | | IDEA 2020

Spence & Lyda


The word ‘decoration’ has been much maligned over the last decade, lauded over by that other ‘d’ word: ‘design’. Design can build a house and the furniture in it, but it is decoration that makes a house a home, or a commercial environment compelling.

Recently celebrating a decade and a half of bringing enduring, quality furniture, light fittings, accessories and textile products to both home and commercial applications in Australia, director Fiona Lyda and her team have traveled the world, collecting and building Spence & Lyda into a brand that represents practical luxury, functional art and lasting quality. Representing brands such as Autoban, Lampe Gras, Matthew Hilton, Modernica, Surpil and the unmistakable Missoni Home, Spence & Lyda’s evolving collection represents a carefully curated clutch of the tactile and desirable.

Spence & Lyda considers the challenge of putting ‘decoration’ back next to its brother ‘design’ a personal one and so it is with great pleasure that they sponsor this new category for the IDEA Awards.