Woods Bagot | | IDEA 2022

Woods Bagot

This 700-strong global design studio works without boundaries in the areas of architecture, consulting, interior design and urban design. The multidisciplinary nature of Woods Bagot means that their interior designs are often largely interconnected with their surroundings. Founded in South Australia in 1869, Woods Bagot has continually evolved and adapted with technology and global change. Their appearance in a staggering six categories in this year’s awards only further exemplifies their fortitude as a studio.


Projects shortlisted in IDEA 2012:

Wallis&Ed (Hospitality)
LK Jewellery (Retail)
Inside/Outside House (Single Residential, with Peter Miglis)
Arup Perth Office Fitout (Workplace Over 1000sqm)
Google Wharf 7 (Workplace Over 1000sqm)
Woods Bagot Sydney Studio (Workplace Over 1000sqm)
Oxigen (Workplace Under 1000sqm)
The Garden House (Multi Residential, with Hecker Guthrie)