The Barbarians | | IDEA 2022

The Barbarians

Liminal Spaces


Innovative production and stage design characterised this dynamic presentation of the full-scale opera The Barbarians, a collaboration between Liminal Spaces and performing arts company IHOS. Staged at Hobart City Hall, the work was commissioned by MONA FOMA 2012. With a central theme of ‘otherness’ the opera features performers that traverse and interact with the set. Different areas signify different worlds, while a 6m high collapsible wall defines the edge of the 30m long stage, providing a projection surface for lighting effects. The audience is positioned on either side of the focal area, heightening the sense of connection between audience members and performers. Rich in visual drama and intelligent experimentation, The Barbarians is a resounding theatrical achievement.

“A very clever way of defining a space, using minimal structural elements that also support the creation of atmospheric effect.” – Judith O’Callaghan

The Barbarians, Liminal Spaces

Design Practice: Liminal Spaces