Spun Lamps | | IDEA 2022

Spun Lamps

Evie Group

Evie Group’s Spun Lamps’ well resolved concept translates into a striking sculptural form that is clean and articulate. Available in three different sizes and as a floor/table and pendant lamp, the Spun Lamps’ polished mirror finishes come in either silver or gold, and are coupled with frosted glass shades. Inspired by the classic wooden spinning top, the object’s unique feature is its lack of visible screws or fasteners, which heighten the lamp’s visual impact. Assembly is made possible with an innovative screw method that also makes for easy access when the lightbulb needs changing. It is versatile in application and can be effectively installed in a cluster or as a stand-alone piece.

“From A to Z the Spun Lamp has been very well thought out: it has all the ingredients of a successfully designed object.” – Alexander Lotersztain

Evie Group, Spun Lamps

Design Practice: Evie Group