Baker D. Chirico | | IDEA 2022

Baker D. Chirico

March Studio


Situated on Carlton’s bustling Faraday Street, Baker D. Chirico lures in passers-by with a fit-out that is as eye-catching as it is functional. With the interior’s key design expression being an undulating plywood shelving system, March Studio has succeeded in creating a vibrant vessel through which to showcase the product. The shelves are flexible and can be rearranged to accommodate the different shaped bread loaves, while the use of plywood gives this storage solution a very clean aesthetic. Coupled with elegant decorative flourishes – a pressed tin ceiling and checkered floor – this small retail fit-out successfully combines outstanding design, consumer awareness and strong branding to positive effect.

“What impresses the most in this interior is the level of detail.” – Alexander Lotersztain, IDEA 2012 jury member

Baker D. Chirico, March Studio

Design Practice: March Studio