Adriano Zumbo | | IDEA 2020

Adriano Zumbo

Luchetti Krelle


With a need to expand his brand, Adriano Zumbo’s retail outlet and restaurant in Sydney’s newly refurbished casino, The Star, meets the public’s wildest expectations. This fun, colourful and slightly kooky fitout was inspired by the boardgame Mouse Trap and owes much to Zumbo’s hero, Willy Wonka. The design objective to bombard the consumer’s senses has proved successful through a clever connection of the retail and restaurant areas with a ‘dessert train’, making the theatrical aspects of store come alive. A smart lure for unsuspecting passers-by is the storefront’s luridly-coloured giant ‘mousetraps’ that house all manner of sweet treats. This interior’s details put a smile on the face, making it very much of its time.

Adriano Zumbo, Luchetti Krelle

Design Practice: Luchetti Krelle