Mia Feasey - IDEA 2020

Mia Feasey


Siren Design Group, established by Mia Feasey in 2006, is a colourful and energetic group of talented designers who are prepared to be brave. The nine person team prides themselves on their genuine passion and dedication to interior design. They are regarded by clients as honest, innovative and often cutting-edge designers. At Siren Design, size doesn’t matter. We are capable of taking on projects ranging from whole building refurbishments to office space re-design. Siren’s portfolio includes AGL Headquarters, Boeing, GMO, BMF Advertising, Ashe Morgan Winthrop, Skytower restaurant, The White Agency, Yahoo!7 & Yahoo!Xtra, WSN Environmental Solutions and the Classic Throttle Shop.

Designer: Mia Feasey
Design Practice: Siren Design Group