Seek Head Office Fitout Melbourne – IDEA 2020

Seek Head Office Fitout Melbourne


What is the ‘big (IDEA)’ behind this project?
To develop a friendly, non-conservative office interior in St Kilda Road’s corporate environment. The designer’s response: cleverly crafted juxtapositions (no ceiling grid!) creating a space both playful and professional – functional and pragmatic, yet aesthetically inspired. The company’s corporate hues accenting a white base provide a branding presence, with adhesive film used to create subtle representations of the company logo and contemporary signage. Sculptural furniture and lighting styles contrast with the white walls and concrete angles. Feature lights and fluid furnishings are points of attraction in the Level 6 reception and boardroom, and bold furniture designs feature in the meeting rooms and games room.

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Design Practice: Moda Design Group
Location: Melbourne, Victoria