Kokoh Café – IDEA 2020

Kokoh Café


What is the ‘big (IDEA)’ behind this project?
The Kokoh Café project was driven by the café’s products: notably desserts handmade by the pastry chef/owner. The existing internal space was softened with a new wall curving into the ceiling, punctuated by feature flush lighting. This cool element was balanced by the highly polished Venetian plaster wall opposite, resembling chocolate cake batter. Enhancing the comfort factor is a softly whitened cedar floor and bar base, contrasting with the aqua of the main bench made of ‘light blocks’. Design detail included the coffee machine custom-coloured to match the benchtop. Minimalist style furniture flows out to the footpath, the red stools capturing the attention of the local shoppers.

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Design Practice: Thomas Bucich Design
Location: Sydney, New South Wales